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Name Pacheco, Frank, 1881 - 1959
Born April 3, 1881
Relationships Antone Pacheco - brother
Joseph Pacheco -brother
Birthplace Mendocino,California
Deceased Dec. 10, 1959
Deceased where Fort Bragg, California

Associated Records

Image of 1994-134-1223 - Booklet

1994-134-1223 - Booklet

Left and right pages, possibly from a promotional brochure, with six photos, page measures 30.5 cm (12 in) square when flat, each page has three photo reproductions for a total of six. Second photo down on left side captioned "The End of a Successful Hunt" includes three men, several dogs, and a hung deer. Beneath this is a note with arrows that reads "Frank and Joe Carvalho." The "Frank" arrow points to the man on the extreme left. The "Joe" arrow points to the man next to "Frank" left of the deer. A second note refers to them as "Pacheco" and identifies Frank and Joe differently, qualified with "maybe."

Image of 2009-64-01 - Register

2009-64-01 - Register

Register for the Native Sons of the Golden West Band. The Native Sons of the Golden West was an organization of men who had been born in California whose mission was to preserve the state’s history. The Mendocino Band was an all brass band which played for dances, events and funerals. This register includes Constitution and By-Laws, minutes of meetings, entries for performances, shares to band members, and band expenses such as lights, freight, rehearsal space and rent.

Image of 1994-134-009 - Document

1994-134-009 - Document

Distribution order by the Superior Court of Mendocino County for the estate of Joseph Pacheco, Charles Carvalho, executor. Includes one-third interest in property located in Mendocino. Joseph Pacheco was born on November 3, 1886 in Mendocino and died on November 3, 1956 in Fort Bragg. He had suffered through a long illness partly brought about by an accident with a small tractor several years before.

1994-134-010 - Deed

Four deeds pertaining to real estate transactions of parcels in the town of Mendocino: a. Frederick Klinke to T. A (Thomas A.) Robinson dated July 5, 1902 b. Thomas A. Robinson to Julia A. Robinson (wife) dated August 2, 1909 c. Julia A. Robinson (widow) to Frank Pacheco, Antonio Pacheco and Joseph Pacheco dated October 22, 1915 d. Quit Claim Deed from Edna Radloff, Alice Turner and Eugenia Howell to Frank Pacheco dated February 25, 1957. In October 1915, Frank Pacheco with his brothers, Antone and Joe, purchased what is historically known as the "Klinke" place from Mrs. Julia Robinson, located at 44340 Little Lake Rd. Here, Frank and Joe established their permanent residence and cared

Image of Sports
Basketball - 2007-03-230

Sports Basketball - 2007-03-230

Mendocino Union High School basketball team. A line of young men in sport shorts, adult coach on photo left, cheerleader with megaphone on photo right, group standing in front of staircase, outside. Photo taken at Wonacott's Studio, Fort Bragg.

Image of People - 2007-03-1395-13

People - 2007-03-1395-13

Framed panoramic photograph of the Mendocino Lumber Company employees at Big River . The Main mill building is on the left, building on the far right was the cookhouse. The men are standing in a line with each person numbered at the bottom for identification. Frame is 96 cm x 32.5 cm.

Image of Music - 2009-10-004

Music - 2009-10-004

Native Sons of the Golden West Band. Members pictured (not in order): Manuel Catherina, Frank Valador, Joe Pacheco, John Brown, Frank Brown, Joe Cassmiera, Frank Pacheco, Joe Valador, Charles Luis, Antone "Tony" Quaill, Bert Stone, Andrew Brown, Manuel Valador.

Image of Photography - 2007-03-1332-28

Photography - 2007-03-1332-28

The Mendocino Mill head rig where logs were sliced into lumber. Herman Figaro is sitting on the log and Frank Pacheco and Sven Olsen are posing on the left.