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Name Sverko, Eleanor Stolpe, 1920 - 2000
Othernames Eleanor Feodora Stolpe
Eleanor Gomes
Eleanor Sverko
Born Aug. 21, 1920
Places of residence Greenwood/Elk, California
Mendocino, California
Father John Stolpe
Mother Regina Stolpe
Education Mendocino High School - 1937
Heald's Business College, Oakland
Notes Obituary - Mendocino Beacon: 2/17/2000
Occupation Historian
Horse and Cattle Rancher
Publications "Early Portuguese Families in the Town of Mendocino"
"The Story of Regina"
Spouse Rex Gomes
David Roy Sverko - 1968
Children Larry Gomes
Birthplace Greenwood, California
Deceased Feb. 14, 2000
Deceased where Mendocino, California

Associated Records

Image of 2006-55-01 - 2006-55-10 - Records

2006-55-01 - 2006-55-10 - Records

2006-55-01: (1987-1988) Binder with proposed boundary maps, transcripts of LAFCO hearings, responses to LAFCO, and petitions to incorporate 2006-55-02: (2/25/1988) Submittal of petition by the Mendocino Incorporation Steering Committe to LAFCO to incorporate an area of Mendocino. 2006-55-03: (12/7/1987 - 5/11/1988) Feasibility reports 2006-55-04: Response to the LAFCO staff report dated May 11, 1988 2006-55-05: (2/1976) Mendocino: an incorporation feasibility study by the Coro Foundation. 2006-55-06: (10/20/2000) Video Cassette produced for the League of Women Voters presenting Philip Carter of Pacific Consultations explaining the process of incorporation. 2006-55-07: General informatio

1996-17-02 - Papers, Personal

Original research papers collected by Eleanor Sverko for her book, "Early Portuguese Families of Mendocino." Items include correspondence with families, history of Portuguese buildings such as Crown Hall, Mendocino schools, stories, cars, St. Anthony's church and family histories. Box 114 - Buildings, cars, schools and family histories: Alameda - Lemos Box 115 - Family histories: Lopes - Valador

2007-01-17 - Fonds

The Mendocino Town Plan is part of the Coastal Element of the Mendocino County General Plan. Contents include design character, water supply and sewage disposal, housing and land use.

2007-01-18 - Fonds

The Mendocino County Coastal Zoning Code is Title 20 - Division III of the Mendocino County Code

2007-01-07 - Records

Research on the deeds for the various properties included in the Mendocino Historic Preservation District grant. Notes on volunteer hours dedicated to the project. Lists of costs incurred for the project.

2007-01-01 - Correspondence

Letters and documentation pertaining to the application of Historic Preservation Grant. "MHRB #84-1" Correspondence to and from the California Office of Historic Preservation expressing interest and need for the grant.

2007-01-02 - Correspondence

Criteria for the listing of historic buildings in the California Register of Historic Places.

2007-01-04 - Records

Progress reports on the documentation of historic houses within the Historic Preservation District of the town of Mendocino, mostly for the Mendocino County Planning and Building Department. These reports were then passed on the the California State Office of Historic Preservation. Minutes of the Project Advisory Committee

2007-01-05 - Records

Completed State DPR523 historic survey forms of 75 historic structures and/or sites in the town of Mendocino, together with index listing historic numbers, APN numbers, names of structures/sites and the dates that some of these were submitted to the Library of Congress. These are working copies only. The final inventory can be found in the Historic Structures file.

2007-01-06 - Records

Cost and time sheets for volunteers that worked with Eleanor Sverko on the grant.

2007-01-08 - Records

Research on real estate transactions in Mendocino beginning in 1860. Research from the Mendocino Beacon beginning October 6, 1877 to establish more accurate references to dates of construction and historical significance both architecturally and culturally.

Image of 2007-01-09 - Records

2007-01-09 - Records

Index Book 119 Assessor's Map, County of Mendocino, California. These maps list parcel numbers, boundaries and sizes for tracts in the town of Mendocino and surrounding areas. Penciled in by Eleanor Sverko are owners of the various lots in 1965. Includes: Point of View Subdivision, 1965 Hills Tract, 1965 Halter Subdivision - 1972 Heeser Tract, 1965 Big River Vista Sea Arch Subdivision Bay View Acres Subdivision Finlayson Tract, 1965 Fr. Hills Drive, 1965

2007-01-10 - Fonds

Research papers collected by Eleanor Sverko concerning the Mendocino County General Plan. Preliminary draft of the Mendocino General Plan Questionnaire dated July 12, 1979 for presentation to the Mendocino CAC. (Citizens Advisory Committee) This questionnaire was to allow the town of Mendocino to participate in the updating of the County's General Plan.

2007-01-11 - Fonds

Research papers collected by Eleanor Sverko concerning the Mendocino County General Plan. State of California Contract No. R1-75-31 published by the California Coastal Zone Conservation Commission and the North Coast Regional Commission. Summary California Coastal Plan - 1975

2007-01-12 - Fonds

Public Resources Code Division 20 of the California Coastal Act.

2007-01-13 - Fonds

On February 18 and 19, North Coast Regional and State California Coastal Commission staff members met with the Board-appointed Citizens Advisory Committee - Technical Advisory Committee (CAC-TAC). These comments are the staff recommendations from the CAC-TAC proposals presented to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors. CAC-TAC comments received in written form were reproduced and included.

2007-01-14 - Fonds

Mendocino County General Plan Coastal Element adopted by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors November 5, 1985 and Coastal Commission Certification November 20, 1985

2007-01-15 - Fonds

Town of Mendocino Circulation and Parking Plan Final Report. Prepared for Department of Planning and Building Services County of Mendocino in association with Parsons Associates - Berkeley, California, William Zion - Lafayette, California. This plan was required by a policy contained in the Mendocino Town Plan portion of the County's Coastal Element of the General Plan.

2007-01-16 - Fonds

Survey indicates whether residence is single family, long term, number of occupants, vacation home rental, work studio, retail store, guest cottage, professional development, or no development up until 1991

1996-017-1853 - Ledger

IDES Lodge Record Books, membership lists and dues paid.