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Name Mendocino

Associated Records

Image of 2006-12-72 - Postcard

2006-12-72 - Postcard

Commercially made photographs of Mendocino by various photographers. Some of the scenes depicted include: Kelley House Pond View of Mendocino from Big River Beach Presbyterian Church in the fog Blair House Banker's Row - circa 1997 Banker's Row - circa 1900 Gingerbread House Father Time and the Maiden

2006-15 - Newspaper

The Mendonesia Mendonesians began publication in November 1994 with Beth Bosk as editor. The paper was renamed The Mendonesian in June 1996 with Mike Evans as editor. It ceased publication in September 1997. It was a multi-spectrum publication of interviews, articles, fiction and reviews by and about Mendocino and its residents.

2006-17-001 - Newspaper

Coast Magazine was an arts, entertainment, and literary magazine published in Gualala.

Image of 1988-023-03 - Postcard

1988-023-03 - Postcard

Vintage postcards of various dates featuring colored renditions of places in Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Albion, Greenwood, and Caspar.

1995-108-1502 - Check, Bank

Payable to Aulin Bros., Fort Bragg, from Dewey Hee. Cancelled check drawn on Liberty Bank, Mendocino, Nov. 11, 1926.

1991-015-001 - Account Record

Policy number, Agency, Amount Insured, Premium and Expiration Date.

1993-000-502 - Records

Court cases in the Justice Court of the Big River Township, County of Mendocino, State of California. W.J. Wallace, Justice of the Peace.

1973-000-1702 - Records

Big River Township Justice Court Record Book, Criminal Justice Docket, 1925-1928.

Image of 1996-002-1752 - Account Record

1996-002-1752 - Account Record

Three carbon slips, two complete. Label advertises "for Everyting to Eat and Wear."

Image of 1996-011-1782 - Account Record

1996-011-1782 - Account Record

Brown was "Dealer in clothing, dry goods and family groceries, furniture, general Merchandise, &c." Preprinted form. Handwritten data includes date of purchase, name of purchaser, number and items purchased, amount, amount paid, seller's signature.

2006-46-01 - Manuscript

Clarence "Clare" and Mary Anderson were enrolled in a College of the Redwoods creative writing class that met weekly at the Bea Erickson Senior Center in Fort Bragg. This book includes memories of their younger days on the Mendocino Coast, as well as some of Mary's poetry and experiences as a rural schoolteacher.

1994-021-03 - Script

This is the original script used for the television production of "The Haunting of Sea Cliff Inn" which was filmed in Mendocino.

1991-005-001 - Receipt

Receipt book from Miles Paoli's Radio Shop for repairs done from December 12, 1946 - January 27, 1947

Image of 1973-000-1723 - Ledger

1973-000-1723 - Ledger

Drug and Prescription ledger book for "C.O. Packard, Druggist and Apothecary, Mendocino, Cal." Book contains copies of prescriptions. Front page says "C.O. Packard started in business July 27th 1882.

2007-01-10 - Fonds

Research papers collected by Eleanor Sverko concerning the Mendocino County General Plan. Preliminary draft of the Mendocino General Plan Questionnaire dated July 12, 1979 for presentation to the Mendocino CAC. (Citizens Advisory Committee) This questionnaire was to allow the town of Mendocino to participate in the updating of the County's General Plan.