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Name Navarro River

Associated Records

Image of 1998-04-01 - Album, Photograph

1998-04-01 - Album, Photograph

"Honeymoon Album" belonging to Ray Sheppard and his wife, Jennie Smith Sheppard. Most of the photographs were taken in 1932 with both personal and purchased photos. There are many pictures of the O'Neal Ranch, the Biagi Ranch and the Halliday property near Seal Rock. The main area seems to be Point Arena, although there are pictures of the rivers from the Russian River north to the Navarro River. One picture says, "looking down the Navarro from Jennie's homesite on the Navarro Ridge." There are also pictures of Rohnerville, the Rancheria, and fishing on the Garcia River.

2012-009-005 - Map

Contour map of Mendocino County, Albion Quadrangle Grid Zone "G" created by the War Department of the Army Corps of Engineers. Northern section beginning approximately 5 miles south of Mendocino and ending at Saddle Point, 24.2 miles north of Point Arena. Map extends inland approximately 2.5 miles.

Image of Mills - 1993-010-1336-19

Mills - 1993-010-1336-19

Navarro flats looking southeast showing the Navarro Bridge, the mill, workers cabins and houses in the town of Navarro.

Image of Logging
Mills - 2007-03-1325-25

Logging Railroads Rivers Buildings Mills - 2007-03-1325-25

Navarro Mill site at the mouth of the Navarro River. Photo includes view of railroad roundhouse, remains of workman's housing, and the Navarro River. Writing on back of photo states that the image was a gift of Betty H. Schatz, 8-1984.

Image of Bridges - 1973-294-1358-13

Bridges - 1973-294-1358-13

Photograph of the bridge across the Navarro River, view from above and to the west. Written on the print is the phrase, "Where Navarro River Meets the Sea, Mendocino Co., Cal."

Image of Shipping
Wharves - 2007-03-1514-20

Shipping Wharves - 2007-03-1514-20

Photograph of the wharf on the north side of the Navarro River. House on the hill on the north side was the Boudette home from 1898-1903.

Image of Logging - 1995-001-1514-19

Logging - 1995-001-1514-19

Photograph of a mill building situated at the mouth of the Navarro River, when there was a town occupying the flood plain on the South bank of the river. See also 2007-03-1343-10. The building shown here is in that photo, just southeast of the bridge at that time. This mill was the earliest mill at the mouth of the Navarro River.