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Name Needle Rock

Associated Records

2010-017-05 - Correspondence

Collection of transcribed exceprts from letters written by Abner C. "Jack" McFaul. 1.Excerpts from McFaul to Bernard "Bernie" Agrons; Aug 1968 – Sep 1969; 2pgs 2.Excerpts from McFaul to Robert "Bob" J. Lee; 10 Feb 1968; 4pgs 3.Note and letter with diagrams from McFaul to unstated; 18-22 May 1968; 9pgs 4.Letter from McFaul to Bob Lee; 4 Jun 1968; 2pgs 5.Letter from Richard H. Tooker to Abner McFaul; 3 Jul 1968; 3pgs 6.Excerpts from McFaul to Richard H. Tooker; 9 Jul 196; 3pgs 7.Excerpts from McFaul to Bob Lee; 2 Aug 1968; 2pgs 8.Excerpts from McFaul to Bob Lee; Dec 196; 1pg 9.Excerpts from McFaul to Bob Lee; Dec 1968 – Jan 196; 3pgs 10.Excerpts from McFaul to Richard H. Tooker; 3

Image of Books - 2006-1-230

Books - 2006-1-230

A history and photograph collection beginning in the 1860's of the far northwestern section of Mendocino County, California. This book is part of the history that Margarite Cook, a local historian, collected for 60 years and the extensive research done by Diane Hawk. Glance back in time to the old coastal towns from Hardy Creek north to the Humboldt County line, including Rockport, Usal, Bear Harbor and Needle Rock. There is also history covering the old town sites of Kenny, Moody and Andersonia. A large collection of stories, pioneers, highway building and old resorts in the Piercy area is also included.