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Name Oral History

Associated Records

1986-007-1863 - Compact Disc

Andrew Tahja, oral history interview on Nov. 25, 1986. This is tape 3 of 3. It was reproduced from an audio tape of a "Sunday Afternoon With" at the Kelley House

1995-015-001 - Compact Disc

Jean Rice oral history interview. Two interviews: May 3, 1990 - Interviewer unknown May 5, 1995 - Wallace Conroe

1985-002-1772 - Compact Disc

Kelley House President's Dinner, March 14, 1985 with reminiscences by Herman Fayal, Jim O'Donnell, Jean Rice, and Al Nichols.

Image of 2013-011-001 - Documents

2013-011-001 - Documents

Oral interviews of twelve Mendocino "old-timers" recorded and transcribed by Deena Zarlin's Mendocino Middle School students for an oral history project. The participants were interviewed by the students with community member, Steve Jordon, assisting along with Deena Zarlin. The students interviewers and interviewees were: Jonathan Matlin interviewing Emery Escola Adam Channel and Jennifer Vought interviewing Richard Silvera Madela Linder and Lola Thornton interviewing Homer and Lillian Drinkwater. Joshua Lawlor, techinical recorder Sadie Pepper and Adam Channel interviewing Dave Sverko. Morgan Matthews and Will Tomlinson interviewing Alvin Mendosa Cody Reber and Sadie Pepper interv

Image of 2013-018-001 - CD - ROM

2013-018-001 - CD - ROM

Five interviews with Kashia Pomo Indian, Allen James, done by the Annapolis Historical Society. Allen H. James was born December 8, 1904, four miles east of Stewarts Point in Sonoma County, California. His Indian name was "Aka Kayun" (Water Plume). His paternal grandmother, "Maka Kaleh Ya" (White Salmon) gave him this name. His tribe is the Kashia Tribe of Pomo Indians from Sonoma County. This is Allen James's memoir of his family, his tribe and life as a Native American growing up in Mendocino and Sonoma County. The interviews were originally taped on a cassette recorder and have been converted to MP3 files. The second file is actually the 1st interview.

People - 1986-004-1742

Oral history interview with Mrs. Julia Chapman who graduated from Mendocino Grammar School in 1915. Mrs. Chapman is interviewed by Suzanne McKinney, Librarian at the Grammar School, and students. Interview took place September 15, 1986. Originally on VHS and digitized by Bruce Levene in 2007.

People - 1986-005-1859

Fred Shandel, oral history interview conducted by Susan Fitzpatrick, Nov. 22, 1986. Interviewed as an oral history class project for Bruce Levene's "History of Mendocino County" at the College of the Redwoods.

People - 1987-003-1862

Oral history interview, January 11, 1987 with Clarence John "Pat" Anderson. An oral history class project for Bruce Levene's "History of Mendocino County" at the College of Redwoods.

Image of People - 1994-140-1866

People - 1994-140-1866

Roland Salvador, oral history interview conducted by Bruce Levene and Dee Lemos at the Kelley House on January 24, 1994.

Image of Books - 2006-1-167

Books - 2006-1-167

Oral history project of Anderson Valley students interviewing elders of the Anderson Valley.

Image of Books - 2006-1-168

Books - 2006-1-168

Oral history project of Anderson Valley students interviewing elders of the Anderson Valley. This project consisted of two ninth grade classes taught by Kim Campbell during the school years of 1998 - 1999 and 1999 - 2000. In Volume II, student historians decided to seek out old Valley stories from as many different regions as possible, curious about why families settled in the Valley and documenting their stories. The students were also interested in more recent settlements of the Hispanic population. These interviews include Tony Sanchez and the Soto family, both of whom moved to the Anderson Valley before the large influx of families from Mexico.

Image of People - 2004-01-13

People - 2004-01-13

Antone and Emily Lemos had ten children, eight of whom grew to adulthood and graduated from the local high school. Art, the oldest, joined his father in the barber shop in 1923 and continued to work with him until 1934. Today, Rich and Jack, the youngest, live here as do many of the grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. The youngest are the sixth generation. Stories are told by various members of the Lemos Family. This is the thirteenth in a series of local history conversations generally taken place the 4th Sunday of each month. Event took place September 25, 2005.

Image of People - 2004-01-07

People - 2004-01-07

Antone and Emelia Fraga of Lajes Island of Flores, Azores were the parents of sixteen children. Seven of those children came to California: Joseph, Antone, Maurice, Fernando, John, Raulino, and Luiza. In this video with interviewer Steve Jordon, four of the Fraga family tell their stories. This is the seventh in a series of local history conversations taking place on the 4th Sunday of each month at the Kelley House. Event occurred September 26, 2004

Image of People - 2004-01-18

People - 2004-01-18

In 1849, twenty year old John Robertson rode on horseback from his home in Ontario, Canada to California. In the next few years he traveled back and forth scouting for wagon trains heading west. He spurned a business partnership with Charles Crocker to return to Ontario to marry Jane MacNeil. By 1870, the Robertsons and their eight children had moved to Willits and in the early 1880's, they bought property above the Albion River. Margaret Macdonald and her son, Malcolm, tell Robertson-Macdonald family stories. This is the eighteenth in a series of local history conversations taking place on the 4th Sunday of each month at the Kelley House. Event occurred on June 25, 2006.

Image of People - 2007-003-001

People - 2007-003-001

Oral interview with Herman Fayal interviewed by Grail Dawson in 1980. Converted from audio tape to CD by Bruce Levene, 2007.

Books - 2006-1-236

Volume 1 and 2 of a collection of oral histories of people from Mendocino County.

Image of Books - 2006-1-242

Books - 2006-1-242

A collection of interviews with people whose lives were connected with Fort Bragg, California. A glimpse into the quality of life of a small, somewhat isolated rural area during the first half of the 20th century.

People - 1990-001-001

Two interviews with Dee Lemos. The first interview was recorded on May 12, 1990, interviewer unknown. The second interview was recorded on June 9, 1990 by Orion Burdick

Image of People - 2004-01-10

People - 2004-01-10

In 1884, a young man in Finland heard about good work for a blacksmith, shoeing oxen in the logging camps of the North coast forests of California. Matti Tahja made seven round trips from Finland to the West Coast of California before settling permanently here in 1916. With wife Liisa, they raised three sons and three daughters in Comptche and their descendents live on the home place to this day. This is the tenth in a series of local history conversations on the 4th Sunday of each month. Event took place May 29, 2005

Image of People - 2004-01-33

People - 2004-01-33

Members of the Junttila-Stenback family gather together to celebrate 100 years since their Finnish ancestors, Matti and Hilda Junttila, settled on a 40 acre property in Comptche, California. They share stories about Matti and Hilda, their five daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, Finnish customs, traditions, food and memories of Comptche. Hosted by Dee Lemos