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Name Women

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Image of 1980-01-01


Country Women is a literary publication containing essays, stories and poetry by and about women. It was written and published by women living in the collectives in the Albion area, 1974 - 1980. Library has No. 9 & 11 July 1974 - No. 33 1980. Collection is not complete. (See note field for index)

Image of People
Recreation - 1991-083-019

People Recreation - 1991-083-019

Photo of Zela Scott Dennen camping

Image of Railroads
Shipping - 1995-001-829

Railroads Shipping - 1995-001-829

Train rails and suspension bridge at Rockport. A small cabin sits on the beach in the foreground. A group of well-dressed men and women with a dog pose on the rail platform.

Image of Photography
People - 2014-007-008

Photography People - 2014-007-008

Studio portrait of Rebecca Coombs Stevens.

Image of Photography
People - 2014-007-009

Photography People - 2014-007-009

Portrait of Rebecca Coombs Stevens.

Image of Photography
People - 1984-025-1287-21

Photography People - 1984-025-1287-21

Photograph of Narcisse Evans Coombs sitting in a room of her home. Writing on the photo reads "Rich Coombs mother."

Image of Photography
People - 1984-025-1381-23

Photography People - 1984-025-1381-23

Portrait of Margaret Boyd Coombs, who was married to Silas B. Coombs.

Image of Photography
People - 2007-03-1486-7

Photography People - 2007-03-1486-7

Presentation to the Kelley House of a bronze nameplate found in a ditch excavation for underground power lines on Albion St., behind the Mendocino Hotel. The nameplate reads "Jno. Gunn Dentist." See also Ob ID #1989-013-001. L-R: Ann Campbell, Dorothy Bear, Keith Paulson

Image of Photography
People - 2007-03-1445-22

Photography People - 2007-03-1445-22

Photograph of a group standing outside on the lawn at the dedication of the county museum in Willits on June 12, 1972. Trees and cars can be seen in the background. Pictured L-R: Edith Kent Conway, Clare Coombs Wilsey, Lester Mallory, and Francis Auser Kiffington. Clare Wilsey was the daughter of Will Coombs and first cousins with Homer Barton. Francis Kiffington's father, Frank Auser, built the Mallory house in Little River and sold it to Cecil Mallory.

Image of Photography
People - 2007-03-1479-10

Photography People - 2007-03-1479-10

Candid photograph of Don Carpenter, a volunteer for the Kelley House Muesum, staffing the table at a book sale outside the museum. The other people in the photograph are unidentified.

Image of Photography
People - 2007-03-1276-8

Photography People - 2007-03-1276-8

Photograph of Beatrice Clow.

Image of Photography
People - 1993-060-1364-20

Photography People - 1993-060-1364-20

Phtograph of Zella Dennen and her children, Dorothy, Arzelle, and Lauren.

Image of Photography
People - 1993-060-1364-21

Photography People - 1993-060-1364-21

Photograph of a large group outing in Gualala around 1924. Front row, L-R: Douglas Maas, Zella Dennen, unidentified child, Arzelle Dennen, unidentified child, unidentified child, Mrs Doughty, Herbert Maas, Lauren Dennen, Mr Doughty (school principle in Point Arena). Second row, L-R: Unidentified man with child, Nita Maas, Ada Belle Scott Patton, unidentified woman, Ida Caylor Stornetta, unidentified woman (possibly Mrs O'Brien), Ida Mae Caylor, Dorothy Dennen, unidentified child, R.L. Dennen ("Ardie"). Back row, L-R: Mortimer ("Mort") Scott, Hart Benton Scott, Jr., Fred Patton

Image of Photography
People - 1993-060-1364-6

Photography People - 1993-060-1364-6

Pair of small tintype photographs of an unidentified couple, possibly from Point Arena.

Image of Photography
Women - 2015-006-034

Photography Women - 2015-006-034

Black and white photograph of Harriet Bye building her own cabin in Albion.

Image of Photography
Women - 2015-006-001

Photography Women - 2015-006-001

Black and white photogrpah of poet Pat Parke, holding a notebook, at the County Women Festival. Other women are seated in the grass behind her. Buildings, trees, and headlands are visible in the background.

Image of Photography
Women - 2015-006-002

Photography Women - 2015-006-002

Black and white photograph of two women, Leila and Helen, embracing while at the Country Women's Festival at the Mendocino Woodlands.

Image of Photography
Women - 2015-006-003

Photography Women - 2015-006-003

Black and white photograph of Kate Winter, celebrating her shortest haircut ever.

Image of Photography
Women - 2015-006-004

Photography Women - 2015-006-004

Black and white photograph of Nancy McCagney at the Country Women's Festival, holding a notebook, papers, and a pen. McCagney later become a professor of philosophy and religious studies.

Image of Photography
Women - 2015-006-005

Photography Women - 2015-006-005

Black and white photograph of Carmen Goodyear and two other women working in a garden at Table Mountain Commune in Albion.